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What is EFS Panel?

EFS Panel combines powerful panel management, a content management system for designing the panel website and the functions of EFS Survey, the basic platform for performing data collection processes:

The panel website (or websites) is created and maintained via a content management system that is integrated within EFS Panel. The functions available on the website, such as registration and forms for contact e-mails, are integrated into the panel management software.

EFS Panel is designed to manage panels with over 100,000 participants. Import interfaces allow you to import participant data from external sources into the panel as a basis for generating the panelist data. Various statistics functions make it easier for panel administrators to control the composition of the panel.

If you wish to reward regular participants, you can use a bonus administration and a tool for conducting prize draws. You can create promotional campaigns to canvass new panelists, based on the principle of offering rewards to panelists who canvass new panelists.

You can employ all the tools you already know from EFS Survey in creating, conducting and evaluating online surveys. You can use criteria you have selected yourself to create subpanels (“groups”) from the overall pool of panel participants . These serve as the basis for drawing samples for individual surveys. Export interfaces allow you to evaluate and further process the data collected (master data, address data, project data, etc.) externally.

A powerful mail dispatch system is available for communication with the panelists, while other features assist you in documenting telephone or “snail-mail” contacts.

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Our Clients

The Internet forms an ideal basis for conducting surveys. A pool of persons who are repeatedly invited to systematic surveys on the Internet is called an online panel. Online panels are usually characterized by the following properties: The online panel has its own website on the Internet. The service offering usually includes personalized pages for the panel participants (panelists) on which they find information about the panel and which they use to access surveys. The panel operators have access to the participant database and to the results of data collection. They are responsible for canvassing and selecting suitable participants as well as maintaining contact with the existing panelists. Data is collected via Internet forms and online questionnaires. The results are saved to databases. The content of the surveys can be both recurring surveys and surveys on various topics. Other communications between a panel operator and a panel participant are largely via e-mails and Internet forms.

GESIS Case + PDF Download

The renowned GESIS Institute (Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences) operates the only representative online research panel of the German population in Germany. The technical foundation for the online panel is the software solution of QuestBack. In this video Prof. Dr. Bosnjak illustrates the many possibilities offered by the GESIS Panel

Software Features

Panel Management

  • Complex sample management
  • Extensive incentive system
  • Multi channel recruiting
  • Comprehensive monitoring
  • APIs for external CRM and ERP-Systems

Panel Website

  • Create your own Portal-Website
  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • User-friendly content management system
  • Community modules (Blog, Chat, Forum)
  • Complex user profiles
  • Individual website design

Survey Software

  • Multilingual survey
  • Over 36 question types
  • Routing
  • Plausibility checks
  • Randomization (Items, Questions, Pages)
  • List & Loops

How much is it?

The cost of an online panel depends on the number of panelists. Are you interested in a specific offer? Then we look forward to hearing from you!

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