Unipark is the academic program of Questback. Because we’re passionate about learning, we provide the world’s leading online survey software to universities and institutes at a significantly discounted rate And it’s been a huge success: since Unipark was founded in 2004, thousands of students and post-graduates from over 400 universities have completed their degree- and PHD theses using our software, and have built a foundation for their professional careers. Are you next?

“At the Hertie School of Governance we use Unipark for our academic research, intensively. Especially for complex projects the survey software shows its strengths. There is no alternative solution for us!”

Professor Dr.
G. Hammerschmid

“I used Unipark to write my degree thesis. The Unipark community’s support services and the peer review of my questionnaire before it went into the field were particularly helpful.”

Sociology Graduate
Pinar Koç

Our survey tool

Our EFS Survey software is the industry standard solution for online feedback and survey research. That means: at Unipark you’ll be working with the same software used by many large organizations, consultancies and market research institutes to complete their online studies.
This has two advantages. Firstly, you can be sure that you are completing your project with a truly excellent and proven software solution. Secondly, when you’re applying for jobs, many personnel managers will be very interested to read that you have experience using Questback software. Not a bad added bonus, right?

To The Features

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Proven through thousands of projects, and perfect for the data collection and evaluation required when working on empirical degree- or Masters-related theses and dissertations.


With more than 35 different question types and comprehensive layout options, as well as sophisticated routing functionalities, you can design your questionnaire with absolute precision, no matter how simple or complex.


Our certified data center, located in Germany, fulfills the extremely high data protection and security requirements of the ISO 27001 standard for IT risk management.

Our survey tool

Can’t find what you need?

UNIPARK is not Questback’s only product. We also offer other solutions for the academic sector.


Whether it’s for your degree thesis, a project seminar, or research work at an institute, you can find the right license for your academic requirements here.


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3 months

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6 months

129,- €

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6 months

359,- €

excl. VAT

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If something isn’t working the way you want it to, this is where to come. A comprehensive portfolio of support services helps you get the right answer to your question quickly and effectively.


MyUnipark is your Unipark support community. Exchange knowledge about our online survey software with other Uniparkers, and enrich the community with your own valuable tips. MyUnipark also features a comprehensive range of support services. Access video tutorials or the download area, and post your questions in the community forum. You can also ask other Uniparkers to test your questionnaire via the peer review service. Register now and become part of the MyUnipark community!