Unipark is the academic program of Tivian. Because we’re passionate about learning, we provide the world’s leading online survey software to universities and institutes at a significantly discounted rate And it’s been a huge success: since Unipark was founded in 2004, thousands of students and post-graduates from over 400 universities have completed their degree- and PHD theses using our software, and have built a foundation for their professional careers. Are you next?

“At the Hertie School of Governance we use Unipark for our academic research, intensively. Especially for complex projects the survey software shows its strengths. There is no alternative solution for us!”

Professor Dr.
G. Hammerschmid

“I used Unipark to write my degree thesis. The Unipark community’s support services and the peer review of my questionnaire before it went into the field were particularly helpful.”

Sociology Graduate
Pinar Koç