Top 10 Features

  1. Web-Based Software

    Web-Based Software

    The survey tool requires no installation! Administration is via a user-friendly web-based interface that is very intuitive. You can access the software from any computer with an Internet connection.

  2. Easy Question Creation

    Easy Question Creation

    Choose the right question from over 35 question types. The selection ranges from simple question formats such as single- or multiple-choice, to slider questions or picture selections, right up to complex matrix-based questions.

  3. Dynamic Features

    Dynamic Features

    With dynamic elements such as filters, lists, loops and triggers, questionnaire content and follow up actions to the input provided by the subject group can be fine-tuned. Depending on the answers already given and participant data, the other questions and answers presented to respondents can be defined during the survey period.

  4. DIY Design

    DIY Design

    In EFS Survey you have complete control over questionnaire design. Whether in terms of layout, questions, page structure or navigation elements: questionnaires can be just as easily designed by ordinary EFS Survey users, as well as advanced users with HTML and CSS knowledge.

  5. Respondent Management

    Respondent Management

    Comprehensive respondent management simplifies fieldwork in terms of recruiting participants and managing them during the field phase. Survey status information enables targeted reminders to be sent via an integrated mail server.

  6. Data Security

    Data Security

    The QuestBack server park, located in Bremen, is well protected from external attack within a BSI-certified data center that meets the stringent security requirements of the ISO 27001 standard for IT risk management.

  7. Quality Assurance and Monitoring

    Quality Assurance and Monitoring

    Comprehensive plausibility checks and automated testing tools guarantee high value qualitative data (to a scientific standard!). Online statistics and reports, as well as the ability to present the data collected in different formats (including SPPS and Excel among others), are also available.

  8. Multilingual


    Through the multilingual module, projects can be run in any language (incl. Chinese, Arabic and Russian, among others).

  9. Mobile


    EFS enables your mobile questionnaire to be displayed optimally on mobile devices, as the design of the most important EFS question types is automatically adjusted for- and delivered according to the device’s screen size.

  10. Evaluation


    With EFS Survey’s multi-faceted statistical and reporting functionalities, you can evaluate your questionnaire in many different ways. In addition to this helpful feature, you can also use EFS reporting to evaluate your survey. Using the reporting tool, you can create comprehensive survey reports with tabular evaluations and graphics.

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