Data protection

  • Where are documents on data security, data protection and data retention?

    The documents on the protection of data at Unipark can be downloaded comprehensively in the download area or requested by contacting the Unipark team.

  • What data protection measures does Tivian take?
    • Data processing systems cannot be used by unauthorized individuals.
      Only those who are authorized to use a data processing system can access the data on it.
    • Personal data cannot be read, copied, altered, or removed without authorization.
    • Personal data cannot be read, copied, altered, or removed during electronic transmission, during transportation, or when stored on data storage media.
    • It is possible to subsequently monitor and identify whether personal data has been entered into data protection systems, altered, or removed – and, if so, by whom.
    • Personal data processed on request may only be processed in accordance with the instructions of the customer.
    • Personal data is protected against accidental loss and destruction.

    Click here for more information on the Tivian privacy policy.

  • Where is data stored at Tivian?

    At the Tivian server center in Frankfurt, which is reliably protected against third-party access. This BSI-certified data center is subject to extremely stringent data protection and security standards pursuant to ISO 27001 and on the basis of IT-Grundschutz (German IT baseline protection standard). This standard is also used by German government bodies. Certification is only awarded following an audit conducted by an ISO 27001 baseline protection auditor who is themselves certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). Click here for more information on the Tivian privacy policy.

  • How is Unipark preparing for GDPR?

    Tivian, to which we belong as an academic Unipark program, has been preparing for the new GDPR for a long time. All important information about our measures can be found in this info brochure (PDF) and on the Tivian website.

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the Unipark team.

  • How to delete the personal information (survey questions, results, etc.)?

    During the subscription period, the collected data can be deleted by the user themselves. Either by deleting the entire questionnaire (project) or only the collected data. If a license is cancelled, the entire personal information is automatically deleted after the expiration of the license term.
    Data marked as personal in the survey will be deleted automatically after the set retention period has expired.

  • How do I use the EFS privacy assistant?

    This is where you enable GDPR assistance for your survey.

    Once the GDPR assistant has been activated, you will be able to configure your consent form as well as set a retention period for the personal data you are about to collect.

    The configuration is done within the ‘respondent consent form’ page in the questionnaire editor.

    Setting up a consent form
    The consent form can be created from scratch or by adapting one of our example forms from the library (for each of your survey languages).

    In addition to the purpose statement you will need to add a couple of fields that ensure that you end up with a fully compliant GDPR consent. The tooltips will assist you in adding the needed information.

    The consent form manager
    Creating a complete consent form from scratch can be quite challenging, that’s why we’ve added a couple of processing purpose statements for the most common use cases into the library

    You can also use the library to maintain consent forms that you want to re-use across different survey projects

    Set a rentention period
    With the retention period you set the time until all respondent data that you have flagged as personal data are to be deleted. This must be in place since personal data must be kept “no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the personal data are processed” according to GDPR.

    The retention period needs to be set before publishing your survey.

    Flag personal data in your survey
    When your survey is enabled for GDPR, this setting will be available for all question types as well as participant variables.

    Deletion of personal data
    By ticking the ‘flag as personal data’ box, all answers to those questions are flagged as personal data and can be deleted by Tivian upon your request. Also, all variables flagged a personal will be deleted automatically after the retention period expires. This setting can be activated even after you’ve published or closed your question – but not deactivated. You can even delete personal data for projects that are already running (after you have activated the privacy assistant) by using the new option under “reset survey”.

    …and the respondents?
    Of course you need to tell your respondents that they can feel safe with a fully GDPR compliant survey. If you have enabled your questionnaire like described above – the selected statement page will be displayed for the respondents to agree with. And each individual agreement of your purpose statement is logged by Tivian, together with date, time and the statement version.

  • Is EFS collecting IP addresses of participants, using analytics or saving Cookies?

    Per default EFS doesn’t save the IP address of participants, one needs to unlock a special data sensitive right with a privacy agreement first (combined data export), and only then in the settings an option will be offered to turn on collection of IP addresses.
    Cookies for a project can easily be disabled in the project under Survey menu–>Project properties–>Login options.
    If the box is unchecked, no Cookies will be saved for this particular survey.
    We also don’t utilize data collection services like Facebook or Google analytics, neither in EFS or on our Unipark Website.


  • Can I buy a Unipark license? Who is allowed to participate in the Unipark program?

    Only persons and institutions that belong to a public or private higher education institution (e.g., as a duly enrolled student, employee, or chair) or are active in one (e.g., as an employee) are entitled to participate in the Unipark Program. Only such persons or institutions can be authorized users of the online services under the Unipark program.

    The online service within the Unipark program may only be used for purely scientific and non-commercial research purposes.

    If you belong to a non-university research institution or a non-governmental organization and are interested in participating in the Unipark program, please send your request to info@unipark.de.

  • Can I take part in the Unipark program as a non-student?

    The Unipark program is only open to individuals and institutions belonging to a public or private higher education institution (e.g. as an officially enrolled student, employee, or academic member of staff) or who work at such an institution (e.g. as an employee). Only the aforementioned individuals/institutions are eligible to use the online service provided as part of the Unipark program.

  • When does my license term begin?

    The term of the subscription starts as soon as the license is purchased. Or with the upgrade from the trial license to a full version.

  • How can I upgrade my trial license to the full version before the 14 day trial period expires?

    You can upgrade your trial license before the 14 days trial period expires using this link: Upgrade trial license . To perform the early upgrade, the payment data must be entered again. Even if payment details (credit card etc.) were already entered when purchasing the trial license, there will be no double debiting. With the early ugprade the actual purchase of the license is completed and the license term begins.

  • How can I cancel my license subscription?

    You can cancel your license by clicking on the cancellation button in the order confirmation e-mail from Cleverbridge that you will have received after ordering your license.

    Alternatively, you can cancel your subscription via our payment provider Cleverbridge. Simply use their Helpcenter

  • How can I obtain an overview of my Unipark orders?

    Using the following link, you can view your order(s) and access further information (invoice, order date, etc.): Order summary

  • Can I download survey results in my trial license?

    Survey result data cannot be exported in the trial version. This is only possible in the full version.

    The test license can be upgraded early to the full version in our online shop on our website: https://www.unipark.com/en/upgrade-test-license/ 

  • How many projects can I run on my license?

    No projects can be run on a Unipark test license. This license is solely for the purpose of testing the software – NOT for running real-life projects. To do that, you will need one of the following licenses:

    – With a Unipark student license, you can have one project within the three-month period.

    – With a Unipark departmental license, up to 25 projects can be created within the organization.

    – With a Unipark Institution license, up to 100 projects can be created within the organization.

    If you have reached the limit of your departmental/institutional license and wish to create a new project, you have to first archive an old project (either in the system archive or on your computer) or delete a project.

  • How many projects can be archived?

    Survey projects can be archived. To ease the pressure on the database, the results data will be compressed into a zip file and moved to a protected area of the hard drive. This process is performed once a day in low-demand phases; you will be notified by e-mail once your project has been successfully archived. Via a reactivation function, the project can be re-added to the project list (either with or without results data), where it can be edited and returned to active status.

    Student license: 5 projects

    Departmental license: 125 projects

    Institutional license: 500 projects

  • How can I archive a survey project?

    Survey projects can be archived. To reduce the load on the database, the results data of the projects are compressed into a zip file and stored in a protected area of the hard disk. This process is performed once a day during a low-traffic period. After successful archiving, you will be notified by e-mail. With the reactivation function you have the possibility to transfer the project with or without result data back into the project list to edit it and put it into the field again. If you want to completely delete the result data of a project from the hard disk, but keep a backup copy for security reasons, you can download the zip file with the result data and save it locally. As long as the actual project is still present in the archive of the EFS installation, you can upload the zip file again and reactivate the project with its result data. Please note, however, that the function of the zip file is only to store the result data locally. This data cannot be used to open and view the data outside of the EFS installation or to restore a completely deleted project.

    Please note:

    – The archiving functionality is protected by the ACL right “archive_project”. You need read permissions to archive projects and use the archive.
    You can archive quantitative survey projects regardless of their status by using the Actions drop-down list in the project list.

    Archive a single project

    Locate the project you want to archive in the Project List and click the title to go to the Survey menu.
    Click the links in the task panel until the Archive link appears.
    Click the Archive link.
    In the next low-traffic period, all of the project’s data will be backed up from the database, compressed into the downloadable zip file, and then deleted from the database. The archived project with the zip file will be listed in the Archive submenu.

    Archive multiple projects

    Find the corresponding projects in the project list and mark them with the “Actions” checkboxes.
    Select the “Archive projects” action.
    Click the “Execute” button.
    After a confirmation window, all data of the selected projects will be backed up from the database, compressed into downloadable zip files and then deleted from the database. The archived projects with their zip files are listed in the Projects ->Archive menu.

  • I want my questionnaire to be multilingual. Do I need more than one project?

    No. You can create a multilingual questionnaire using a single project (student license). We explain how to set up a multilingual questionnaire in our Online-Documentation.

  • Can I also access my survey data after I have canceled my license?

    No. Your account will be deactivated as soon as the license has been canceled and the license term has expired. It will therefore no longer be possible to access EFS Survey. That’s why it’s so important to export all the data you need (results data, the project, etc.) beforehand. Ideally, you can then store it locally on your computer.

  • How can I renew my license?

    At Unipark, all licenses are run as subscriptions,  that are automatically renewed at the end of their term if not canceled. There is no notice period for cancellation.

  • How can I name someone else as a license administrator?

    The first step is to name a new license administrator. First and foremost, this person is responsible for managing user accounts, teams, and projects. Generally speaking, the license administrator also acts as the contact person for the Unipark support team. The “new” license administrator (“NLA”) needs all the rights of the “old” license administrator (“OLA”) in order to perform the tasks outlined above.

    How can the OLA transfer their rights to the NLA?

    There are two options:

    Option 1 (simple): The OLA’s account is transferred to the NLA. Under “Change account details,” the OLA can enter the details of the NLA (in particular their first/last name and e-mail address) in the account.

    Please note that the account name cannot be changed. The NLA uses the account name of the OLA (the account name is irrelevant in terms of correct license management). – Transfer complete. However, if the NLA wishes to administer the license using their existing account, see option 2.

    Option 2: The NLA wishes to take over and administer the license using their existing account. To enable this, the OLA has to invite the NLA to join their “primary team” (the team that was set up by Unipark when the license was ordered). The OLA then clicks the “Change ownership” button. What’s more, the NLA should be invited into all existing teams as an admin so that they can take control.

    Once the handover has been completed, the account of the OLA will be deleted – transfer complete.

  • What is meant by “interviews per project”?

    This means the maximum number of completed interviews per project.


  • Where can I find the manual for the software?

    The manual can be found either via the Support–>Documentation buttons in the software. Or via the following link: Online Documentation EFS Survey

  • What does the message "acc_email_exists" mean?

    You ordered a license and received the following message: “acc_email_exists.”

    In this case, a Unipark account linked to your email address already exists. Because the email address for each account must be unique (i.e. it can only be present once within the system), you need to order a new license using a different email address, or change the email address linked to your existing account.

    If you don’t need an additional license, please check your existing access and cancel the additional order using the cancel button in the order confirmation area. Otherwise you will receive an additional invoice. If you have not received an order confirmation email, please check your SPAM folder. If you don’t find the email here either, please contact our payment provider, Cleverbridge.

  • I can’t log in any more - why could that be?

    There are a number of reasons why your account may have been deactivated:

    1. Your license has expired because the person who ordered it has cancelled it. -> Please contact our partner Cleverbridge respectively your Unipark licensee.

    2. Your license has expired because the invoice was not paid within the required timeframe. -> Please contact our partner Cleverbridge.

    3. Your license was not renewed by your account manager. -> Please contact your (internal university) license manager.

  • I need help with the programming of my questionnaire. Where can I find help?

    In our Tivian Support Community you will find the support forum, tips & tricks and video tutorials. You can log in to the community via your Unipark account. Log in to Unipark and click on the “Community” icon in the upper right corner.

  • I can't create a new user account because the user email address is already in use

    In this case, the user’s e-mail address is already being used by another account on the same Unipark installation. In order to create a new account, you either use an alternative e-mail address or make sure that the other account is being deleted (or e-mail address is replaced).

  • Why am I no longer able to log in?

    There are several possible reasons why you are no longer able to log in.

    1. You are trying to log in using an incorrect URL. Please verify the URL for your account in your order confirmation e-mail. Unipark has three installations:


    2. Your password is incorrect. Please click on the “Forgotten password” link on the log-in page. You will then be sent a link enabling you to reset your password (please check your spam folder if you are unable to find the e-mail in your inbox). If you are unable to successfully set a new password, please get in touch with us using the contact form or by e-mail at info@unipark.de

    3. Your account has expired. In this instance, you should contact your account administrator. If you have ordered and received your account via the Unipark order form, your administrator is the Unipark team (who can be contacted via the contact form and by e-mail at info@unipark.de).

    If you have received your account from a member of staff at your college, please speak to this member of staff.

  • Why am I suddenly unable to create any new projects and user accounts?

    If you are no longer able to create employee profiles and/or projects, you do not hold the necessary rights.

    This may be due to one of several reasons:

    1. You are using a student license, which does not include the right to create employee profiles and more than one project.

    2. You are unable to create any new projects, because the project quota for your license has already been used up -> If you archive or delete one of your old projects, you will then be able to create a new project. You can see the current workload on the home page below your organization name

    3. The team created for you by your account administrator does not hold the necessary rights. Your account administrator may be the Unipark team or an employee at your college -> To activate the necessary rights, please contact your account administrator (the person who set up the account for you).

    You can get in touch with the Unipark team using the contact form or by e-mail: info@unipark.de

  • I need individual adjustments (e.g. implement copy protection beyond the onboard features) for my questionnaire "customizing", who do I contact?

    Unfortunately, individual programming solutions are not available for Unipark standard licenses. We offer custom programming solutions for Tivian licenses and can also provide a Unipark discount on Tivian licenses if the requirements are met. However, a move from a Unipark to a Tivian license is mandatory for any customizing solution.


  • I want to change the description of the next button on the second to last page. How do I do that?

    Some users wish that the description of the next or continue button on the second to last page carries the description “submit” instead of “next” or “continue”.

    Caution: This programming is only useful, when the survey does not use a “back”-button.

    1. Create a user-defined variable. (Survey menu -> Project Properties -> User-defined variables)

    2. Go to the questionnaire editor and create a recoding trigger on the first page:
    -> Execution position “Directly”
    -> Also execute trigger in preview mode: Yes
    -> Execute this trigger multiple times in one survey session: Yes
    -> Detail configuration: c_0001 -> Value: “next” (or whatever you want the button to be called throughout the majority of the survey; CAUTION: Make sure to use “” around the word).

    3. Create another recoding trigger on the page, which is second to last:
    -> Execution position “Directly”
    -> Also execute trigger in preview mode: Yes
    -> Execute this trigger multiple times in one survey session: Yes
    -> Detail configuration: c_0001 -> Value: “Submit” (or whatever you want the button to say on the second to last page).

    Now move to Questionaire editor -> Laguage editor -> Survey messages -> Label for Submit button: #c_0001#

  • What do the codes 0, -66, -77, and -99 mean in my data set?

    The meaning of the codes is as follows:
    0: project variables of type v_000, except for variables that refer to text boxes: the respondent has seen the question, but has not edited it. Respondent management variables of the type “text box”: pre-filled entry where the variable has not been filled.

    -66: project variables of type v_000 that refer to text boxes: the respondent has not seen the question concerned, because it was hidden.

    -77: project variables of type v_000, except for variables that refer to text boxes: the respondent has not seen the question concerned, perhaps because they aborted the survey or because they were not shown the question/page due to the filter settings.

    -99: project variables of type v_000 that refer to text boxes: the respondent has seen the question, but has not edited it.
    In relation to text boxes, -99 indicates that a respondent has seen a question, but has not answered it.
    Please note: you can set the “missing response” values within the exported data sets yourself. For more information,
    please refer to out Online-Documentation.

  • I want to use the same question several times in my survey. How can I speed up the creation of my survey?

    If you want to use a question multiple times in your questionnaire, you can define a so called depot question. During survey creation you can then place the depot question on all respective pages.

    Later on it is not necessary to edit each of the questions individually if you have to change these frequently recurring questions.

    Please note that changes to the depot question affect all other reference questions.

    Step 1: Switch to the Questionnaire editor and click on the “Container depot” menu item.
    Step 2: Click on “+ New question” and enter a question title.
    Step 3: Select the question type which you planned to use repeatedly in your questionnaire.
    Step 4: Confirm by clicking “Save”
    Step 5: Edit your question by adding the question text and answer options
    Step 6: Confirm by clicking “Save”

  • Why are open questions not displayed fully in SPSS?

    SPSS cuts off questions after 255 characters. Therefore, you have to use the exported CSV file.

    Please proceed as follows:
    1. Select “Results data” (all data) from the “Export” menu, select “CSV” as the format, and “Project, open questions only” as the export template.
    2. You can then edit the resulting CSV file in a spreadsheet program (e.g. Excel).

  • How can I enable multiple participations for the same survey from one device?

    There are two things to ensure here:

    1. Disable cookies and ensure that the session length is set in such a way that the next respondent does not fall within the same session.

    2. In  Survey Settings, under General Options, set “Behavior on resumption” to “Display first page”.

    3. In the event that problems occur with the survey (respondents are booted out, entries are already pre-filled, etc.), please try to access the survey with SSL encryption (https:// rather than http:// in the survey link) to troubleshoot errors with an involved proxy server.

    Optionally, you can uncheck the “Session ID in URL” box in the “Login options” tab. This results in a short survey link that does not contain any further details.

  • Can I embed images and/or videos in my survey?

    Alongside standard file formats (e.g. JPEG), EFS Survey also supports the embedding of MP3 files and videos within a question. Please note that multiple or large files may influence the load time of the survey. The total size of embedded files should not exceed 200 MB. Files can be initially uploaded to the media library and then easily added to the survey by copying the link.

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